After your application has been submitted, the review committee will go over the information you  provided. They will make sure that you do meet the basic requirements. The basic requirements  include 1. Having at least one successful term in school already completed. 2 Be enrolled in school and  taking at least two full time classes. And, 3. Have a grade point average of at least 2.75.

Research topics will vary greatly and depend on what you are studying in school. Pleneurethics is  interested in neurological conservation through ethical living. All of our choices affect our neurological  health from diet and exercise to professional and personal living environments. The best research  papers will be about something you are passionate about and studying in school. The topic will vary  from person to person. If you have an idea about a topic, but aren’t sure, contact the coordinator and  discuss your options.

Your application included a space to present your topic of research. The acceptance of your application  is based on that and the basic requirements to apply. The scholarship requires a research paper of at  least 10 pages. The information you provide in the paper is not based on your personal life or anecdotal  experiences. The paper should be a question you are seeking to find the answer to and sharing the  research based information that you found during your discovery process. Most libraries will help you  with finding resources to help with your search for academic research based studies.

If you find that it is too difficult to write about the topic you submitted with your application, or you  changed your mind and have a deep desire to write about something else, contact the coordinator and  discuss your options. 

Yes. You must have already completed at least one term in higher education, and your grade point  average must be above 2.75. Additionally, you must be enrolled for at least 2 full time classes. 

Yes, the paper needs to be at least 10 pages, in addition you must also include all sources. If the topic  you selected and the committee agreed to is not working out for you, contact the coordinator to discuss  options.

You can include any studies you have done, but you must also include evidence based, academic studies to support the work you present. The bulk of your paper will not be from your personal experience. What is a research paper?

No, this scholarship is available to students at all academic levels, and at any accredited school. If you  are not sure about your schools accreditation, check with your Office of Student Services, or contact the  Pleneurethics Coordinator.

You can apply as many times as you would like, but you may only be awarded this scholarship once. 

No, this is an opportunity for many each year, and is based on several factors within the Pleneurethics  Society. 

No, there is not a deadline to apply for this scholarship. You can apply and begin your research at any  point. You must be enrolled and maintaining the basic requirements of the scholarship to receive  payment.

The Pleneurethics Board would like you to take some time and be thoughtful about the research you are  doing. You will have up to year to complete the paper and submit it. If there are extenuating  circumstances, contact the coordinator. 

Your scholarship is tied to you, and can transfer to your new school. Contact the coordinator if you are  planning to transfer to a new school.

Yes, as long as you are meeting the requirements of the scholarship this is available to international  students.

Yes, as long as you are attending a school that is accredited in that country, you can apply for the  scholarship. Contact the coordinator at Pleneurethics. 

Yes, as long as you are attending a school that is accredited in that country, you can apply for the  scholarship. Contact the coordinator at Pleneurethics. 

Yes, as long as the school is an accredited school, you can apply for this. Contact the coordinator at  Pleneurethics. 

The first thing you need to do is keep in communication with the coordinator. You must make sure all  your information is current and submitted.  

Next, you will work on the outline for the research paper. You will submit the outline to the  coordinator and after it has been approved, the treasurer will release the first payment. 

The award is $5,000 in total. The payments are dispersed over time, and upon completion of different  steps. The first step is completing the outline. This will release $1,000. 

The second step is completing the rough draft. This will release $1,500. The last step is completing the  final draft and completed paper with cover page, research and a comprehensive citation list. 

Check out YouTube for a lot of great ideas if you are unsure, or go to your writing center on campus. 

Have someone read your draft and look for errors. Take your paper to your writing center or an  instructor familiar with your topic. Submit your draft for approval to the coordinator. Once approved,  the treasurer will release the second payment.

Communication between you and the coordinator is key. It is imperative to listen to the coordinator  and seek to find out why the committee did not approve of your submitted work. 

You are ineligible to receive your award until the grade point average is brought up and you provide  documentation to confirm eligibility. 

When you complete the paper and submit it, the treasurer will release the remaining $2,500.