The Pleneurethics Institute works to manifest the mission, values and goals of the Society.  It manages the recruitment, selection, and support to our students in this very successful scholarship program.  Additionally, the Institute also supports and promotes awareness of the Society through community involvement, international outreach, and local support of charitable health organizations.


Pleneurethics is a philosophy founded by Richard Bangs Collier to promote optimal health and wellbeing of the individual in society. It promotes better living through better management of one’s neurological resources. It explores the role of chronic stress on the brain and its central nervous system. By optimizing the neurological environment, the individual is naturally led to a more ethical life. Ethical living becomes a natural outgrowth of using one’s neurological resources efficiently and effectively in community with self and others. This promotes the health and wellbeing of both the individual and the society in which they live.

Pleneurethics has been offering scholarships to students for over 30 years, with over 200 scholars, and awards ranging from $500 to $5,000 US dollars.

more than scholarships

The Pleneurethics Society is pleased to be able to support research into a variety of ethical issues with an emphasis on neurology and health.

In addition to offering scholarships, the Pleneurethics Institute has sponsored and been a part of community events such as:

  • Holistic Health Fairs
  • Conflict Resolutions Trainings
  • Sponsored Community Concerts
  • Invited Speakers to the Community
  • Volunteers in Community Food Banks
  • Participates in Health & Wellness Fairs
  • Helps to Sponsor Franciscan Hospice Through Annual Luncheon Fundraising Event
  • Has Donated Over a Quarter of a Million Dollars to Libraries for Resources

The Pleneurethic Society looks forward to many more opportunities to help grow and support our health and wellness providers and educators in their efforts to contribute to their communities.