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There are now many theorists that support Richard Bangs Collier's Neurological Sufficiency as a description of Wellness and it is all related to The Brain and the Nervous System. Here is a sampling of several of those texts.
      Joseph Chilton Pearce
In 2003 the Richard Bangs Collier Pleneurethics Society in cooperation with the Guild of Healing Arts Professionals brought Joseph Chilton Pearce to the Wellness Expo in Tacoma, WA.  The information in the following first link is essentially his presentation to us last year.
      Appreciative Inquiry
      Chaordic Leadership
      Open Space Technology
      Organic Inquiry
This is the current name applied to the many disciplines that began as Mind/Body Therapies. These links will serve to orient you to this fascinating field of contemporary medicine.
      Chiropractic Medicine
Network Spinal Analysis is a current major change in Chiropractic Medicine and it follows many of the principles of Pleneurethics regarding Neurological Sufficiency. These sites will acquaint you with this emerging discipline.
      Energy Medicine
      Integrative (Integral) Medicine
      Vibrational Medicine
      Jean Houston
      L. Robert Keck
The United States of America has long been in a formative relationship with a hidden culture of spirituality.  These sites represent the most integrative of those relationships.
Representative symbolic systems are specific tools that are used to represent integral wholes. Perhaps the greatest statement of such processes lies in William Blake's poem 'To see a World in a Grain of Sand; And a Heaven in a Wild Flower; Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand; And Eternity in an hour. (from his Auguries of Innocence, written in 1794)
  • Oh Cards are a series of 'games' that assist us in gaining alternative views on ordinary experience.

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